威尼斯官网在线, a system of public schools operated by the 威尼斯人在线官网 of Montgomery County ("威尼斯官网在线"), 它的学校和办公室(统称“我们”),”“我们的," or "us") 维护 websites and online services to inform the community about and to engage it in our joint mission to provide a quality education to all children. We 使用 the websites and online services to publish as much information about 威尼斯官网在线 as possible and to enhance two-way communication between the district and community.

We know that as parents, students, educators, and citizens, you value your privacy.  我们想让你知道,这对我们也很重要.  That is why we have created this 隐私 Statement to  describe the ways in which we 收集, 使用, and disclose information about you through our publicly accessible websites that link to this 隐私 Statement, 包括威尼斯官网在线中央网站 vumoxp.trarteventos.com,代表学校和办公室的网站,移动应用程序,以及我们的开放数据网站 data.trarteventos.com (以下统称为“网站”).

This 隐私 Statement applies in addition to any other applicable privacy rights, 包括 但不限于 the Family Educational Rights and 隐私 Act (“FERPA”), 《威尼斯人在线官网》, 以及其他州和联邦法律法规. For more information about our responsibilities and your rights under FERPA and PPRA, 请浏览我们的 学生记录 规例及我们的 学生私隐声明 页面.    


The central 威尼斯官网在线 website is managed by the 威尼斯官网在线 Web Services Team in the Department of Communications in 罗克维尔市, 马里兰. A full description of our guidelines for administering the Sites is available in 威尼斯官网在线 Regulation KBA-RA, 威尼斯官网在线网站的教育目的和管理,下载网址: http://ww2.trarteventos.com/departments/policy/pdf/kbarb.pdf.

这些网站包括许多代表学校和办公室的小型网站, 很多都有自己的网站管理员. 除了少数网站外,这些网站都是由威尼斯官网在线托管的. Those schools with their own hosting arrangements that link to this 隐私 Statement also must conform to this 隐私 Statement. Principals and office administrators are responsible for content published to their websites. Information submitted by 使用rs to a specific school or office website is managed and archived by that school or office.


您提供的信息 -本网站的许多部分允许您与我们分享信息. 例如, 您可以使用本网站创建帐户, 填写留言簿, 回应民意调查和调查, 申请工作, 或以其他方式威尼斯官网在线的问题, 评论, 或请求.

在使用这些特性时, 您可以选择向我们提供某些信息, 比如你的名字, 家庭住址, 电子邮件地址, 当地的学校, 从属关系(e).g. 家长、老师等.). Many of these forms and surveys also include a blank space you can 使用 to send us any type of 评论 or information. If you would 不 like us to have information that is highly personal or sensitive to you, 请不要通过网站提供.

自动向您收集的信息 -像大多数网站的出版商一样, we and our service providers automatically 收集 certain 技术 information from 使用rs of the Sites. The purpose of this data 收集ion is to analyze how people navigate the Sites and then 使用 that analysis to make changes that improve 使用r experience. 我们可能会使用“cookie”收集这些信息," which are small text files that the Sites save on your computer using your web browser and accesses when you return, 或者类似的技术. 此信息不用于跟踪单个用户或创建用户配置文件.

这些信息包括, 但不限于, your Internet Protocol address; the date and time of your visit; the 页面s the Sites that you visited; the web address of the link you followed to reach the Sites; the type and version of your web browser; and the operating system of your computer.

该网站还包括一些第三方应用程序, 比如一个专业的图书馆数据库和一个开放的数据门户, 依赖于饼干.

如果您不希望网站通过使用cookie收集信息, 您可以设置您的浏览器拒绝来自网站的cookie. 每个浏览器都不一样, so you should check your browser’s "Help" menu to learn how to change your cookie preferences. If you reject or block cookies from the Sites, however, the Sites may 不 function as intended.


我们使用这些信息只用于直接促进教育目的, 教学, 行政, 业务, 威尼斯官网在线的支持服务使命, 包括, 但不限于:

  • 响应您的信息请求;
  • 定制您使用本网站时的体验;
  • improving the Sites, such as by tailoring our content to your needs and preferences;
  • 生成和分析有关网站使用情况的统计数据;
  • 保护我们的权利, 财产, 网站的安全性或完整性, 或者我们员工的人身安全, 我们的学生, 本网站的用户或访客, 或者公众; and
  • 检测, 防止, 以及应对欺诈, 违反我们的使用条款, 违法行为, 或其他滥用本网站的行为, 或者回应针对我们的法律诉讼.

为了保护您的隐私,我们已经采取了措施 to:

  • 收集, 维护, or 使用 your personal information that we 收集 through the Sites for purposes beyond those we describe in this 隐私 Statement;
  • 使用 your information we 收集 through the Sites for behavioral targeting of advertisements to you; or
  • 维护 a personal profile of you other than to support an account that you have created or 使用 through the Sites (e.g., a My威尼斯官网在线 account; an account through our Open Data website).


我们仅为直接促进教育目的而披露信息, 教学, 行政, 业务, 威尼斯官网在线的支持服务使命. 我们不会将用户信息出售给第三方. Nor do we disclose 使用r information to third parties except as permitted by applicable privacy laws and only then in the following circumstances:

  • 我们的学校, 办公室, and other appropriate staff to enable them to perform the functions described above;
  • 与代表我们工作的服务提供商, 包括, 但不限于, 代表我们处理就业申请的机构, 协调代课教师的可用性, 并提供我们的开放数据平台, whom we require to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws regarding data privacy;
  • 按照法律的要求, 例如遵守传票或其他法律程序, or to comply with government reporting obligations such as the 马里兰 Public Information Act; and
  • when we believe in good faith that disclosure is necessary (a) to protect our rights, 财产, 网站的安全性或完整性, 或者我们员工的人身安全, 我们的学生, 本网站的使用者或访客, 或者公众, 或(b)检测, 防止, 或者应对欺诈, 违反我们的使用条款, 违法行为, 或其他滥用本网站的行为, 或者回应针对我们的法律诉讼.


这些网站链接到许多其他可能对您有用的网络资源. 每个学校的网站管理员也可以选择链接到外部网站, 哪些应该符合学校的教育目的. Principals and office administrators are ultimately responsible for links published on their sites, 但你应该意识到,当你点击外部网站的链接时, that website’s information privacy practices will be governed by the privacy statement of that website, 而不是本隐私声明


这些网站包含一些供威尼斯官网在线学生使用的资源(例如.g.,作业热线). We encourage parents to discuss with their children responsible 使用 of the Sites. If you have any questions or concerns about personal information that you believe may have been 收集ed from your child through the Sites, 请随时与我们联系 webmaster@mcpsmd.org.


我们努力保持合理的行政管理, 技术, and physical security safeguards of our computer systems that are designed to safeguard the information 收集ed by the Sites. 然而, 没有一个信息系统是100%安全的, 因此,我们无法保证您的信息绝对安全.


随着网站的发展,威尼斯官网在线可能会更新本隐私声明. 修改s will be posted on the Sites and the “date of last revision” date at the bottom of this 页面 will be revised.  除了, 查阅本私隐声明的重大更改, 由我方自行决定, we will include a 不ice on the Sites that directs 使用rs to a copy of the latest 隐私 Statement and/or send a communication to 使用rs for whom we have contact information 不ifying them of changes. 请透过电邮联络我们 webmaster@mcpsmd.org 如果你有意见或问题.


如果您对本隐私声明有任何疑问, 威尼斯官网在线, 我们的学校,或者我们的办公室, 请随时与我们联系 webmaster@mcpsmd.org.